Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Phil Armour

Phil Armour writes a regular column in the Communications of the ACM which is well worth reading. I've been meaning to re-read these essays for a while, and apart from the odd dip, never really sat down to read them seriously. So to help structure this activity, I've prepared a 'reading guide' to the essays that have been published: The Case for a\nNew Business Model The Five Orders\nof Ignorance Software\nas Currency When Executives Code The Laws of\nSoftware Process Matching Process\nto Type of Teams Ten Unmyths of\nProject Estimation In the Zone:\nThe Need for\nFlexible Roles Not-Defect:\nThe Mature Discipline\nof Software Testing Project Portfolios:\nOrganizational\nManagement of Risk Zeppelins and Jet Planes:\nA Metaphor for\nModern Software Projects The Spiritual Life\nof Projects The Organism and\nthe Mechanism of Projects Beware of\nCounting LOC Real Work,\nNecessary Friction,\nOptional Chaos To Plan,\nTwo Plans The Reorg Cycle Closing the\nLearning Application Gap The Unconscious Art\nof Software Testing Sarbanes-Oxley\nand Software Projects

The essay are (in chronological order):

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